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Blu3Toad64: Bruh
DrMintyFresh: chicken wings
Zatti: alive chat
AngelPuppie23: Deadchat
AngelPuppie23: 〒_〒
Zatti: not that long OHOHOHO!!
Zatti: only been 15 days
Maxy: Lmao
Maxy: Fuck, the happy new year messages still there
WeinerBerg: Hi
Zatti: oho !
Nic: unga bunga hours who up
G1Megatron: Haha. I’m back
ControllerFreak: lol i remember dronez
ControllerFreak: dronez?
CodyP2000: 1.1.2019 06:22
CodyP2000: Happy New Year 2019!!
DrMintyFresh: happy new years!
XDroneZ79X: Happy New Years to you guys as well!
XDroneZ79X: Welp. This went to shit fast
ControllerFreak: cock fried testicles
DrMintyFresh: chicken fried beans
ControllerFreak: gay
ControllerFreak: 🍆👄💦💦
ControllerFreak: fuck the world fuck the world
ControllerFreak: hahahaahaHhAhahaa IF I COULD ONLY SET THE WORLD ON FIRE
DrMintyFresh: a few more hours my peoples
XDroneZ79X: LET'S GO! 2019!
GryffindorZara: i remember when this place was active in 2014 and i was a triggered 9 year old, god i miss those days
XDroneZ79X: Hail Satan!
XDroneZ79X: 12.25.18 Merry Christmas, sluts!
DrMintyFresh: v
XDroneZ79X: The Negroes showed up
ShadowSaiyanGod: I remember this place being semi active since 2016
ShadowSaiyanGod: God what happened to H4
DrMintyFresh: Triple oof
XDroneZ79X: Double oof
DrMintyFresh: oof
xxBOGGERxx: Its been at least 4 years xD
Nic: yo is that GOV
DrMintyFresh: it'll randomly be revived one of these days
Minifigs: dying of the light
DrMintyFresh: lol
cooperrw: the Home4dsi.net website expired
cooperrw literally dies
cooperrw: if you kill yourself and go to hell there will be a lot more people to talk to
DrMintyFresh: 12.18.18 17:33:57 EST People need to fucking talk
CodyP2000: 12.17.2018 23:56 CST bitches
XDroneZ79X: 12/17/18 Now to play the Waiting Game
Paul: nic lives on
Nic: wow nala still exists
Cheerio: I would give out my insta and shit but nah.
Cheerio: Ion know who "Doonker" is LMAO but if you tryna talk, my kik is _KendyCane_
xXShadowXx: agh.. ;-;
xXShadowXx: and Minty.. xnx
xXShadowXx: Damn it.. CFox was here..
nala: wow nic still exists
DrMintyFresh: oh my cfox was here
CFox: o hai. i raise from the grave
xXShadowXx: ..
FROGETA: wasspopin ppl
KillerZyellow: allo?
KillerZyellow: Haven't been in this site for a year lol
DrMintyFresh: halo
Everest: Heyo!
227: Rip
227: Well
serene1129: hi
FROGETA: hello?
FROGETA: wasspopin ppl
ValentinD: Hello...
Nic: Zu'u los also rinik tiiraaz
Nic: me too
Nic: but if I read it right
Nic: the translator is being DUMBY
WeinerBerg: Smoke weed everyday
LeBronJames: hey ember i dont speak spanish and lordmi yes almost daily an if it was dead you would not be here
Emberwolf: Daar los ful rinik tiiraaz
Saiyan1: poopy
Saiyan1: poop
XDroneZ79X: Whose mom?
StarScarf: Your mom ais
TheCoder55: No one's here...
lordmi: Do you know if people still come here on the daily? Just thought to use it again today and it seemed very dead
lordmi: lmao about a min later apparently
StarScarf: Yo
lordmi: 11/15/18 Wonder when the next post will be
LeBronJames: fuc that
LeBronJames: Hey -DrakeJeribot
LeBronJames: hey -DrakeJeribot
LeBronJames: minty check ur email
CcPanda45: sup
DrMintyFresh: people don't come at the same time
StarScarf: Wtf. Why is it always ded
Paul: god
Doonker: DAMNIT
chorofapisky: hi? :v
chorofapisky: lol what?
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