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Poe: so no biggie
Poe: they're in my locker now
Poe: i bought some at the school
Nic: remember to bring safety goggles next time dumby!!!
Poe: I didnt burn myself but the metal was definitely hot and i saw a few sparks go under my mask
Poe: Also the teacher said i did pretty well
Poe: I brought everything except my glasses
Nic: don't think welding is for u then if u can't even remember ur goggles smh
Nic: bruh
Poe: kms
Poe: i forgot my fukking safety glasses
ShadowSaiyanGod: I wonder if people even remember me.. or my old usernames..
ShadowSaiyanGod: Wow.. haven't been here since 2016..
Poe: we're starting tomorrow
Poe: I haven't done it yet
Nic: you no get hurt?
Nic: very good!
Poe: I've spent so much on welding already, but at least i got a really cool hat with dragons on it
Nic: do you want to wipe out your old name?
Nic: why cman1001000???
cooperrw: change my username to cman1001000
Poe: if she cute then she cute
Nic: she starts the game with a bonus chest 🤢🤮
Nic: yeah she cute but
Nic: unepic, downvoted
Poe: https://youtu.be/lbuAlj-w0RI
Poe: found my classmate's mix tape
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg-HHXuOBlw
Nic: song didn't vibe as well as his others
Nic: oh he still alive?
Poe: https://youtu.be/fHI8X4OXluQ
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d59CAI-CbUA
Nic: here's one that also vibes but on a different plane
Nic: sorry for cringe normie emoji
Nic: was too excited to proofread my message
Poe: 😋
Nic: goodness compressed in sound 😋
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0F7Zp3yGUA
Nic: also what's actually yummy is MHW Iceborne's comfy home theme
Nic: just don't burn yourself lmao
Nic: just don
Poe: ganondorf's theme from oot
Poe: you know what's yummy
Poe: might get burned
Poe: we're gonna start welding next week
Nic: yummy
Poe: fire glue
Nic: what's welding again? is it fire or glue?
Nic: I bet!!!
Poe: welding is so expensive
Nic: bruh
Poe: haha good luck getting through the semester
Nic: damb school barely started and I'm already suffering from epic gamer withdrawal
Poe: ikr
Nic: smh
Nic: not cool
Poe: our sun is kind of just gonna lose all the material that's on its surface
Poe: it's not that kind of star
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 04:20:22am (Central)
Nic: !time central
Nic: why it no explode?
Poe: so today i learned our sun isnt going to explode
Nic: I can't remember that far back!!!
Poe: high school was less than a year ago
Nic: I haven't seen one since uhhh high school
Poe: do they not have those in wherever Illinois is
Nic: what's a piano???
Poe: hmm
xXShadowXx: hmm
Poe: piano is fun
Nic: me no can add more stuff to the faction book
Nic: also, can I have the link for the banner
cooperrw: correct
Nic: cooper becomes homo furry
Nic: bruh
cooperrw: Hehe :3c
Nic: w-well maybe the professor is into it
Nic: damb :pensive:
cooperrw: because i don't think that'll make him look any better to his professor
cooperrw: did you want me to impart my wisdom on how to fuck 100 furry slaves and my non-human daughters
Nic: but poe said lie???
cooperrw: that's some weird ass shit for a class like that... gay ass teacher
cooperrw: it's an assignment where you write about yourself
Nic: can you part your words of cocc and baal torcher, cooper??
Nic: unepic
cooperrw: one day this website is going to permacrash
cooperrw: yall need to just talk on discord
Nic: cooper can help you with the assignment then! he knows lots about intercourse!!!
Nic: sexual behavior: nonexistent
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 04:20:56am (Central)
Nic: !time central
Poe: also the teacher wants students to evaluate their own sexual behavior???? I really hope we don't have to write about that???? bc i will LIE
Poe: i thought my human sexuality class was gonna be about GAY stuff but NO it's just hetero
Nic: cooper is officially not a gamer anymore
Nic: cman???
xXShadowXx: long time no see
cooperrw: change my username to cman1001000
Nic: not duh if you're being sassy smh
xXShadowXx: hmm
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