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G1Megatron: Night
G1Megatron: I'll just be refreshing pms
G1Megatron: hehe
G1Megatron: pm....
DankAngelmp3: Pm ¥€€t
G1Megatron: Yeah
DankAngelmp3: did u get it?
G1Megatron: Don't be
DankAngelmp3: Im really sorry...
G1Megatron: Is there any other place we could talk besides this? Like discord, snapchat, instagram, or skype?
G1Megatron: pm
DankAngelmp3: Ye
G1Megatron: pm btw
G1Megatron: I got a laptop today so its working somewhat better than my phone
G1Megatron: yeah
DankAngelmp3: Can u just send me pms? to randomly start a convo
DankAngelmp3: nothing
G1Megatron: What's up?
G1Megatron: Hey
DankAngelmp3: Hey g1!
G1Megatron: What?
DankAngelmp3: *Dies*
DankAngelmp3: ...
DankAngelmp3: Lmao
DankAngelmp3: Uwu
shalala0FT0: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
DankAngelmp3: !
G1Megatron: Ok. Be back soon
G1Megatron: But I shouldn’t be gone too long.
G1Megatron: If you want to sleep, go ahead. We can talk tomorrow’
DankAngelmp3: Maybe
DankAngelmp3: im probably gonna sleep soon anyways
G1Megatron: 30 Minutes will start in 5 minutes
DankAngelmp3: Okay
G1Megatron: I might be gone for 30 minutes soon. Idk
G1Megatron: ^_^
DankAngelmp3: >:3
G1Megatron: 2:10
DankAngelmp3: its 1:00 am for me uwu
G1Megatron: Yeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!
DankAngelmp3: Ye
G1Megatron: Almost 2 am
DankAngelmp3: !
G1Megatron: I’ll just be refreshing pms
G1Megatron: Lol. 1:30
G1Megatron: Pm
DankAngelmp3: f
G1Megatron: Wow. Even in dms swears are blocked. Been a long time I guess
G1Megatron: Lol
DankAngelmp3: ¥€€t
G1Megatron: Yeet
DankAngelmp3: !
G1Megatron: 1 am
G1Megatron: 1 am in 2 minutes
G1Megatron: A long time I can guarantee
G1Megatron: Man. What’s it been? 2 years?
G1Megatron: Ok
DankAngelmp3: nvrm
DankAngelmp3: it works
DankAngelmp3: oh
G1Megatron: I’ll just refresh pms then
G1Megatron: Hey
G1Megatron: I see you...then you leave...lol
G1Megatron: What’s up?
Nic: it do be like that
G1Megatron: I saw you on and then you left 😥
G1Megatron: I’ll stay on as long as you want
G1Megatron: Hey
DankAngelmp3: Im sorry g1
FinestHorizon: Add me on kik: start_over150
XDroneZ79X: Wapka was atleast 2 percent of my childhood
XDroneZ79X: Don't say it like that, Cody
Mare9101: *throws myself into the chat
G1Megatron: Awwww
DankAngelmp3: 😭😭
DankAngelmp3: Jk
DankAngelmp3: The fact that I can get a new phone is so good
G1Megatron: I’m back!!!
G1Megatron: Hahahaha
CodyP2000: finally damn
XDroneZ79X: I just found out that all Wapka sites shut down
Nic: yeet
Maxy: FTS
rockoutloud1: Rip childhood and this website
rockoutloud1: This is so nostalgic lmao
rockoutloud1: Memories
tarynriekse1: https://mobile.chatforfree.org/file/attachment/2019/03/1ff5cd2f642b5aa0e8f6218ed783b29e_view.jpeg
tarynriekse1: Check this bit** out
DrMintyFresh: mee*
DrMintyFresh: MEE
DankAngelmp3: Anyone else bored?
DrMintyFresh: np
DankAngelmp3: Dank memes
DankAngelmp3: Thank you
DrMintyFresh: boom
AlertBot: AngelPuppie23 has been named to DankAngelmp3.
Maxy: okay
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