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Nic: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Poe: :robot~2:
Poe: I think I can see the same thing as a friend who is a chatroom made me think of a sudden death note fanfic writers and I dont know what that means you don't know how to do it but I think
Nic: :robot~2:
Nic: I don't trust no links I don't know
macosfangamer throws a pie in the face of macosfangamer
macosfangamer throws a pie in the face of SuperDaniel
macosfangamer: Click it is a gift for all of you
macosfangamer: /link http://fumacrom.com/2WqhE
SuperDaniel: undefined
SuperDaniel: hi
SuperDaniel: hello
Maxy: Interesting
DrMintyFresh: thats alot of old names
StarScarf: Your. Not wrong Cody
StarScarf: Hello
Nic: they do not stick around for long
Nic: that is alright
CodyP2000: Sad
CodyP2000: When some of the OGs pass through and I miss them?
Poe: catness
NINTENDO64: Coming back on here is like revisiting the deepest parts of my memories 😂
catness: Hey
Nic: U Stupid
Nic: Time to bully Zeymah because he can't behave smh
Emberwolf: Where's my modship drake >:^(
Cerberus: Wow. Good times
Nic: but I think I'd rather have it that way!
Nic: it is a Shame
Nic: yes yes
halogav23: Nothing the same 3dsplaza gone I belive socialneko is back but dead
halogav23: Minifigs man alot of familier names
Nic: Gov, is that You?
Nic: Excuse Me?
Minifigs: My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Blu3Toad64: This song already was turnt but here’s a bell
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqcTVVUFnKQ
Nic: I Am The Beast I Worship
Nic: :robot~2:
Poe: fantasma pequeño
narjis321: Yeah..
Nic: correct
narjis321: since*
narjis321: Been a long time sinse i was last here
narjis321: Hi
Nic: :kkquestion:
Poe: as a tv show
Poe: chris hansen was this guy who 'caught' pedophiles
Nic: little ghost
Nic: I Come Back To Visit Just To See If They Will Ever Appear
Nic: Also I miss Celeste as well
Nic: Good job on reaching 21!
Nic: I still don't have a grasp of who Chris Hansen is but he sounds evil
Nic: New Lore Acquired
Nic: Discopenguin is Back!?
Nic: ayo wtf
Discopenguin: she was my bfffff
Discopenguin: i actually miss Celeste i won’t lie
Discopenguin: not the rawr in my bio
Discopenguin: I’m 21 now wowowo
Discopenguin: so
Discopenguin: said I was 16 and named Lexi because duh I was scaredddd Chris hansen got to me
Discopenguin: but yeah I started this when I was 12
Discopenguin: hi nic
Discopenguin: thanks for the memories
Discopenguin: DUN DUN DUNNNNN
Discopenguin: ITS SAM
Discopenguin: my name isn’t Lexi
Discopenguin: all the pics were me as a kid but I was afraid of strangers so
Discopenguin: well I’m gonna come clean LMAO uh
Discopenguin: i haven’t been here in YEARS
Discopenguin: bro
Nic: it doesn't look broken to me
ControllerFreak: 3DSPlaza is broken
ControllerFreak: RIP 3dsplaza
megaman9000: :epic:
Nic: low groove melody
Nic: got that bop
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjmJVRcRII
Nic: who's madonna
quickdudes: heck'n
quickdudes: Anyone like Madonna? Just a random question
Nic: impossible...
Nic: ayo? mister dragon visiting H4D?
Nic: you don't think so because you're Wrong!!!
DragonBlaze: Woo
Poe: i dont think so
Nic: I Win Everywhere
Poe: what could they mean by this
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McYWBsystGE
Nic: as usual!
Nic: that means I dominate
Nic: good.
mfox8206: sheeeeesh
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