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Nic: dab
Poe: i graduated so time to die
nintendoDsi: Sam???
nintendoDsi throws a pie in the face of sam
nintendoDsi: *Put-up*
nintendoDsi: ???: What me?
nintendoDsi: ???
nintendoDsi: *Kick blast up*
samdodd006: ima go now cya
nintendoDsi throws a pie in the face of sam
nintendoDsi: *Blast*
DrakeJeribot: The coin landed on heads. -nintendoDsi
nintendoDsi: !Flip coins
samdodd006: OOF
nintendoDsi: Your one, true, pungeon master of this site is Minifigs.
nintendoDsi throws a pie in the face of Sam
nintendoDsi: Nyal
nintendoDsi: You sumnames
nintendoDsi: ...
samdodd006: Oh well
samdodd006: I cant
nintendoDsi: I not coming choro
nintendoDsi: See me
nintendoDsi: Delete spam message gmail
samdodd006: But why do i have to use yours?
nintendoDsi: To got create 3dsplaza account
samdodd006: Why?
nintendoDsi: http://3dsplaza.com/register
nintendoDsi: And you create you Account Seeding My gmail pedeoguardado59@gmail.com
nintendoDsi: I will create Account 3dsplaza
samdodd006: ...
samdodd006: Wtf is windows10micro?
nintendoDsi: My gmail pedroguardado59@gmail.com
samdodd006: Hi windows10micro! Congratulations! You succesfully registered to 3DSPlaza In order to activate your account and play, we ask you to visit the link below: http://3dsplaza.com/register/activate.php?us
nintendoDsi: Trouch Spam
samdodd006: Nothing
nintendoDsi: Sam
nintendoDsi: http://3dsplaza.com
nintendoDsi: http://www.gmail.com
nintendoDsi: Check you gmail
samdodd006: k
nintendoDsi: Check you gmail
nintendoDsi: Ahhh choro....
DrakeJeribot: Today's date is: May-24-2019 (Friday)
nintendoDsi: !date
nintendoDsi: ♪Its and time adventures time♪
samdodd006: yes?
nintendoDsi: Sam
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 09:29:06am (Mountain)
nintendoDsi: !time mountain
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 08:28:45am (Pacific)
nintendoDsi: !time pacific
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 11:27:50am (Central)
nintendoDsi: !time eastern
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 10:27:38am (Central)
samdodd006: !time central
samdodd006: ...
samdodd006: !time local
nintendoDsi: !time ocean
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 10:26:09am (Central)
nintendoDsi: !time central !time ocean
samdodd006 is getting board
nintendoDsi Is now Thing Lunching Spaghetti
nintendoDsi Waiting for choro
nintendoDsi: Tsarrena
nintendoDsi: Ok
samdodd006: Wait for choro
nintendoDsi: ¿READY?
nintendoDsi: On chat
samdodd006: on game or on chat
nintendoDsi: ¿READY?
nintendoDsi: Fight
nintendoDsi: Choro is not connet
samdodd006: When?
nintendoDsi: In coming now
nintendoDsi: Really
samdodd006: really?
nintendoDsi: It's choro
nintendoDsi: They came to me: 1
samdodd006: cool
nintendoDsi: Today I have messages
samdodd006: mkay
nintendoDsi: Back
samdodd006: k
nintendoDsi: Gimme a sec ima check my inbox
nintendoDsi: Peñiscame
samdodd006: Oh
nintendoDsi: Nothing
nintendoDsi: Fire!
samdodd006: Are you what?
nintendoDsi: Am I without zero?
samdodd006: Idk any suggestions?
nintendoDsi: What can we do
nintendoDsi: Anyway, you sent that
samdodd006: Nothing new in them
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