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Poe: bicth just met a 12 yr old that reads killing stalking what the actual fugg
DrMintyFresh: i dont have a 3ds anymore so ive been homebrewing my Dsi and my wii
DrMintyFresh: hey thats hella sick
Baltowolf12: i homebrewed my 3ds to play mario 64 and to run dsi apps because why not
Baltowolf12: im legit amazed ppl still use dsis in 2020
Baltowolf12: back
Baltowolf12: hold up imma log out and log back in
DrMintyFresh: but since youre bored ill try to keep your attention lol
DrMintyFresh: im jus doing some history homework atm. i usually use my dsi for h4d but i left it home so im on my computer rn
Baltowolf12: nm lonely and bored, u? im testing a dsi browser on 3ds
DrMintyFresh: sup wolf
Baltowolf12: hi @Drmintyfresh
DrMintyFresh: i mean, generally speaking, that is pretty toxic
Nic: also imagine not taking this L
Nic: But no one came.
Baltowolf12: anyone there?
Baltowolf12: i diddnt expect anyone on here
Baltowolf12: hello
Poe: imagine thinking that's what toxicity is
Nic: you can't just say a game is bad because the playerbase grew, the game is bad because of the players it attracted
Nic: also I wouldn't say the problem occurs when stuff gets too big, that's more of an audience problem
Nic: and then when there's person who makes baseless accusations and don't provide evidence when prompted to smh
Nic: they accused pink when they were with me the whole time
Nic: bro have u seen the toxicity in among us
DrMintyFresh: big* not niche
DrMintyFresh: i hate it when stuff gets to niche, that happens
DrMintyFresh: oh god wtf
Poe: they're all minors i stg this is the worst
Poe: flirting in among us has now been banned
Nic: me win!
Nic: last one standing!
CabbitLeaf: goodnight
Nic: gamar
DrakeJericho8: goognight yall 😤
Nic: me might sleep too, me might not
Nic: goodnight driz dawg
DrakeJericho8: time 2 sleep
DrakeJericho8: shid
CabbitLeaf: gotta manage dishes yo
CabbitLeaf: not clean enough
CabbitLeaf: uhh
DrakeJericho8: y
CabbitLeaf: my kitchen is not optimal
DrakeJericho8: yo lif can i use ur kitchen
CabbitLeaf: steal someone's kitchen
Nic: ask someone for their kitchen!
Nic: unfortunate
DrakeJericho8: me no kitchen
CabbitLeaf: internet prevails
CabbitLeaf: uhhhh
Nic: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/homemade-potato-chips/
CabbitLeaf: put in oven
CabbitLeaf: cut tortilla
DrakeJericho8: how 2 make chip
CabbitLeaf: this is true
CabbitLeaf: hmmmm
DrakeJericho8: stonsk
Nic: profit
Nic: create Big Chip
Nic: learn how to make chips
CabbitLeaf: i could but i can't make chips or profit
Nic: it's high goodness!
Nic: RC is better than bepis
Nic: you can make it a brand, liif!
DrakeJericho8: RC is just bepis
CabbitLeaf: what a brand
CabbitLeaf: wish it was though
Nic: sad
Nic: Big Chip Ain't A Real One
Nic: but RC? good stuff
CabbitLeaf: big chip is not real
Nic: me no like pepsi or coca cola that much
Nic: brooooo RC is my favorite dark drink
DrakeJericho8: imagine drinking RC
Nic: RC is a brand so it's likely
Nic: probably
CabbitLeaf: wonder if that's a real brand actually
Nic: never heard of them
Nic: the Big Chip brand
Nic: nah, elote con queso
CabbitLeaf: standard big chip brand type
CabbitLeaf: those probably taste better than the pork rinds i've gotten
DrakeJericho8: ¿chicharron con queso?
Nic: big strips of chicharron on tha table
DrakeJericho8: big nachos
Nic: next to the potato chip things
Nic: those are the chicharrones I like
Nic: u see those wheel things in the bags near the man?
Nic: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/35/06/d73506e20fa31d5483f3580007ab4fc6.jpg
CabbitLeaf: google sure is making pork rinds look better than they are
Nic: as long as I don't pay attention to that fact, it's good
CabbitLeaf: apparently deals with pork rinds
Nic: chicharron!
DrakeJericho8: chichawhat
Nic: with regular potato chips, me can eat them like they were chicharron!
DrakeJericho8: 🤢
Nic: me am not a fan of chips in general, they no fill u up, and the starchy flavor or potato-y flavor of chips isn't my favorite
CabbitLeaf: what
CabbitLeaf: wh
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