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Charity: January 25
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 01:19:19am (Central)
Charity: !time central
Poe: i like how registration got fixed and then we all dipped
Furry Pidgeon: there is anyone here?
Furry Pidgeon: hello
narjis321: heyyyy its you
ShadowSaiyanGod: *oof*
ShadowSaiyanGod: Yo
narjis321: HEHEHEHEHE
RENN650: --Warning
RENN650: damn it
Poe: those have been here for years
Poe: never lmao
RENN650: when ru gonna have new vids on dsitube? i really like it,but i watched all the vids.
Battlecats: huh. how much users average,and best time where users log in?
narjis321: Lmao
narjis321: hello
RENN650: /blm
RENN650: ®
RENN650: hi
RENN650: just got here lol
Poe: today was a good day, all things considered
Battlecats: wow people still use this? nice!
narjis321: *boops you all*
logicaltoast78: doin ya mom - fatty spins
CodyP2000: catness, hmu on Discord @FPHUCK DISCUNTD#3743
CodyP2000: Hi catness
Poe: twink
Poe: good to see you
catness: Hehe i missed this emoji
catness: /bleh
catness: Ahhh Cody is still here, thats crazy!!
catness: Hello my old chat
Poe: i mean i talk about whatever's on my mind
narjis321: What the heck do yall talk about?
Michael94 thinks the drones need to be nerfed in Ninjala.
CrazyEdward: im gay
CrazyEdward: hello
CrazyEdward: Hello
logicaltoast78: 「also known as cbt」
Poe: smash bros good
SuperDaniel: mmm
SuperDaniel: spanish bros?
SuperDaniel: flood bruh
logicaltoast78: wtf
logicaltoast78: is "my dingaling" a nono word
logicaltoast78: is my dingaling a no no word
T102: Good bye again old friends
T102 is nostalgic
T102: The messiah of this site is DrakeJericho.
T102: /Jesus
T102: /T102 was here
DrakeJeribot: Today's date is: January-13-2021 (Wednesday)
T102: !date
Poe: yeah
logicaltoast78: theres rules on this dead website?
CodyP2000: nvm just stop doing that. I deleted the messages again
CodyP2000: wait why 2/3
-- Warning logicaltoast78 2/3 --
rchl161: hi how are you
rchl161: hi
theteg219: hi guys
Poe: wtf is an anime
Poe: wish they had Spanish for ff7r
123456789123456: goodnight australia
123456789123456: bye logging off
123456789123456: don't make me operater
123456789123456: >:(
123456789123456: hey
123456789123456: cats!!!
123456789123456: no swearing
123456789123456: hello?
123456789123456: look up lol
Poe: we chat u nerds
123456789123456: hi
123456789123456: hello
rob64bits: the
rob64bits: what do we do here
rob64bits: and i dont know what is this for
rob64bits: amd
rob64bits: i don't know what is this place
theteg219: i have my DSI xl
theteg219: i am on pc
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