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SuperYoshi64: DankAngelmp3??? Tf i thought she died or sumthin
Foreverluv: Cody
CodyP2000: Fuck all of you 4.3.2020
TrainBoy45: yeah
Poe: tense april fool's
DrakeJeribot: Today's date is: March-31-2020 (Tuesday)
SuperYoshi64: !date
Paul: bro
shifty: wild
DrakeJeribot: Today's date is: March-28-2020 (Saturday)
Poe: !date
TrainBoy45: Nope
Maxy: Shit this site is still not dead
TrainBoy45: 23/03/20
samdodd006: Update - Still not dead. 22/03/2020
CodyP2000: Damnit
samdodd006: I'm still not dead. 19/03/2020
samdodd006: I call horse shit
GryffindorZara: well it's mar10
GryffindorZara: so the last time people were here was in november
Poe: damb sicc burn
samdodd006: Okay boomer.
Poe: damb u old
Poe: oh that guy
samdodd006: He went by gamerholic
Poe: your username looks familiar but I can't remember you very well 😩
samdodd006: My username is the same.
samdodd006: Add me on switch someday
samdodd006: Not as bad as my username
samdodd006: Michael94
samdodd006: No, this place is pritty dead, two people on at the same time is considered a party
Michael94: Or so I thought, since I'm here.
Michael94: Who am I? I'm a very, very, VERY old member here that's moved on.
Michael94: AND this place is still alive.
Poe: who u
Michael94: How-- No, WHY did I remember this place?
Michael94: Bruh
Zatti: Word
samdodd006: It maybe the corner, but its our corner
Poe: who
Nic: say it ain't so!
Zatti: It is
Poe: what does that even mean
Poe: said no one ever
DrMintyFresh: home4dsi is the corner of the internet
samdodd006: Yo
GabeTheGuy: we've reached the end
samdodd006: Celebi are pokemon (although you may have googled this)
nala: test
DrMintyFresh: CF whyd you get banned on plaza
DrMintyFresh: no pending accounts?
Poe: nani tf are celebi
ControllerFreak: Who thinks I deserve to be unbanned on 3DSPlaza? For almost about 3 years I have been banned. Do me a favor and cut me some slack I promise I swear to the end of 3DSPlaza I will not break any rules.
ControllerFreak: http://cbgang.cpct.com/chat/m.php GUYS! A CHAT
samdodd006: I am mass cloning celebi rn
Poe: also kakashi is also a little bicth
Poe: >:(
Poe: sasuke is a little bicth and he doesn't deserve naruto or sakura and sakura doesn't know when to be angry and naruto is too stupid
ControllerFreak: :pwaa_shrug:
TrainBoy45: its been a while
Cerberus: Well I came back to nothing
ControllerFreak: i
ControllerFreak: :pwaa_sweat:
ControllerFreak: I have haxx on my 3DS
ControllerFreak: Welp time to talk to node on twitter with my 3ds
Cerberus: Brb in some time
Poe: aloha
ControllerFreak: Hey Poe
Cerberus: Where?
Cerberus: That's tough.
ControllerFreak: There should be more people here
ControllerFreak: Yes
Cerberus: So she thinks it be easier to go through that without you?
ControllerFreak: Yes
Cerberus: Are you comfortable talking about it?
ControllerFreak: She's busy learning to control her mental health
ControllerFreak: I mean it's not my fault we broke up,
Cerberus: Yeah it is. I remember those days
Cerberus: Man, life is tough. But you got pull through it you know
ControllerFreak: dsi browser is trash. i will get on with 3ds browser
Cerberus: The what? 000 webhost?
ControllerFreak: and my site cbgang got took down on 000webhost. why? idk
Cerberus: Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again
Cerberus: *that
Cerberus: Awe I'm sorry to hear tgat
ControllerFreak: me and my gf broke up a couple days ago
Cerberus: o. Such ancient technology haha
ControllerFreak: Using DSi browser.... on my 3DS
Cerberus: Hey there. How are you?
ControllerFreak: Hi
Cerberus: Hello. I'm here!
Poe: sometimes I just want everyone to forget I exist so I can spend a whole day committed to just me
Poe: at least i found one that's complete hehe
Poe: uGh it had such pOTENTIAL
Poe: noooo another fanfic i was reading isnt finished and was last updated in 2017😫😫😫
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