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Paul: yessir
Nic: but just to make sure, the beginning of your name is Rag, yes?
Nic: I'll send it to you via steam
Paul: what is it ??????
MillenniumAlpha: If anybody remembers me my Discord is Millennium Alpha#4892
Nic: add me on discord u DUMBY
Nic: hey paul
Paul: !
Poe: wiw
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Paul: hey nic
Nic: bruh
Poe: nah too much work
Nic: make your own strike then lmao
Poe: but i dont live in a popular city
Poe: wow i wish i could go to one
Nic: good thing minecraft doesn't have to worry about DUMBY climate
Nic: nobe
Poe: anyway is anyone going to a climate strike?
Poe: more like impatient people
Nic: only UNIMAGINATIVE people get bored of MC
Nic: bruh I've been playing it since the Xbox 360 era and it hasn't gotten boring
Poe: minecraft gets boring fast
Poe: which makes halloween even better
Nic: halloween is temporary, minecraft is forever
Poe: halloween can be cheap
Nic: it's both cool AND cheap
Nic: minecraft is objectively better
Poe: plague doctor masks are expensive but they look so cool
Poe: halloween is objectively better
Nic: but minecraft
Poe: outside is nicer because fall and i get away from family
Nic: bigg think
Nic: why go out when you can stay indoors
Poe: dressing up is fun and nighttime is fun and hanging out with friends is fun
Poe: why would anyone hate halloween
Nic: more like it isn't lmao
Poe: yeah bc halloween is the best
Nic: lmao
Nic: doing stuff for halloween
Poe: I think I'm gonna be a plague doctor for Halloween
Poe: funky
Nic: yes!!!
Poe: ???? minecraft has foxes???
Nic: I've seen minecraft foxes though!!!
Nic: nope
Poe: https://i.redd.it/g230cd02p7k21.jpg
Poe: yeah have you ever seen that post with the fox in a snowstorm
Nic: smh
Nic: wimdy
Poe: also it's fuggin wiMdy
Poe: i forgot my password again
Nic: bruh_02.wav
ChuckNorris64: It’s been legit like 9 years since i’ve used this site
ChuckNorris64: Broooooo
Nic: chill
wolfbro2: i love you all
Nic: now that's what I call epic
Nic: damb
Poe: It could also be because I went to a rural school. We don't use as much money as a city school
Poe: Our schools are funded through property taxes
Poe: Maybe it's different in California
Poe: We don't pay them directly
Nic: do schools not need money to operate?
Nic: I certainly did go to a public school, and I thought it was a normal thing to pay a fee at the beginning of each school year?
Poe: Did you not go to a public school??? Or is it an Illinois thing?? or a Chicago/big city thing???
Poe: lmao wtf
Nic: or being able to attend school?
Nic: for attending school?
Poe: No????? What for???
Nic: was there not a fee at the beginning of each school year?
Poe: for government mandated school??????
Poe: why would we pay for public school???????
Nic: you didn't have to pay for high school????
Poe: i thought i would like college but nope. i hate it. it's just school that you have to pay for now
Nic: then don't go there again lmao
Poe: and I dO nOt want to go through that ever again
Poe: I met the weirdest theater kid today
Nic: cowabunga
Poe: aloha
MillenniumAlpha: Woah hello guys
Nic: study next time!!!!!
Poe: yeah i agree
Nic: unepic
Poe: failed my first math test 👊
Nic: sounds like ur wrong
Poe: sounds fake
Nic: playing minecraft on the go
Nic: there's something new called
Poe: ?????
Poe: > using something other than a desktop to play minecraft
Nic: It was my PC that I brought from home, duh!!!
Poe: why would a pc at school have minecraft???
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