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Nic: I have failed
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 06:00:06am (Central)
Nic: !time central
Poe: goodnight!
Nic: goodnight!!!
Nic: ok time for sleep
Nic: hold on am watching video!!!
Poe: go to sleeb now
Nic: there's also fast travelling but you only ever go slow in rooms and the like
Poe: yeah the running doesn't look bad
Nic: well you can run in the game and you get a horse
Nic: ohhh
Poe: that doesnt make sense but whatever
Poe: i dont like the controls in assassin's creed so i dont like controls that seem slow
Nic: ?
Poe: ew assassin's creed walk
Nic: you should hear the dandelion when narrating and dandelion in character
Poe: gray man has a higher voice than it looks like he should
Nic: https://youtu.be/cQfRqOMLN-E?t=35
Nic: Hm. Long. Long. Long.
Nic: me look for more!!!
Nic: rock trolls
Poe: looks like skyrim
Poe: weird voice
Nic: me sleep when done with bideo
Poe: or not
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ag2DuM4o3E
Nic: also here's some nice dialogue
Poe: well gn ig
Nic: yup
Poe: it was 12 just a few minutes ago what the fugg
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 01:12:33am (Central)
Poe: !time central
Poe: bruh
Nic: I hope so
Poe: are you going to wake up at 3
Nic: me just concerned me no wake up on time
Nic: oh right sleep
Poe: anyway shouldn't you be sleeping now
Poe: i want to bc i've never mailed anything but i dont want to bc that's weird
Nic: damb
Poe: you'll see cursive if I mail it to you
Nic: show me the cursive
Poe: you'll learn 2 skills if you can read it
Nic: ????
Poe: good
Nic: no
Poe: can you read cursive
Poe: I should do it
Poe: smh
Nic: ja that works
Poe: yeah dood let me just mail it to you and you'll get it in a week or so after the dance
Nic: well she's not a charity dumby!!!
Poe: meh there's no guarantee she'd give anything away anyway
Nic: can you write it on a sticky note
Poe: siGH
Nic: mmm but me no good at remembering!!!
Poe: That's why I'm telling you to do as I say
Poe: wiw he is an eboy
Nic: well me no experienced!!
Nic: https://youtu.be/6w6p2KjPzGE?t=577
Nic: also, Dad an e-boy confirmed
Poe: asking people
Nic: experience with asking people or dances?
Poe: I use this tactic all the time
Poe: dood i have experience with this
Nic: unepic, but at least they'll make the event less saddening
Poe: it gives away that you might not be asking just because you can ask
Poe: idk man old people are wACK
Nic: gives what away?
Poe: that gives you away
Nic: I don't think the old people are willing to go out on a Friday at 8 until 12
Poe: nO
Nic: I'll make sure to include the uhhhh
Poe: dood i bet there's gonna be old people then
Poe: if she gives you a weird look and says "Why??" say uhhhh 'I'm going so I'm just wondering who else is' or something
Nic: I don't think half of the student population know about the dance
Nic: teehee funny boat boys be funny
Poe: If you're hanging out with her, wait for a conversation about something else to pass and then ask 'You going to the dance?' after it's been over for a while
Nic: nah
Poe: practice!!
Nic: me no good with words or tone
Nic: well flustered is not an issue
Nic: that's what they all say!!!
Poe: just dont get flustered
Poe: but dood it's simple
Poe: i wouldn't know
Nic: you might not know this, but I am even less smooth offline than I am online
Poe: uGh
Poe: it's not if you know how to make it not weird
Nic: also am fine with not asking
Nic: it still be weird to ask for information!!
Poe: to ask if she's going!!!
Poe: but you're going so why would she think it's weird
Nic: too late to ask her what???
Nic: sure but what if she finds it weird if I ask her that!!!
Poe: too late to ask her
Poe: bc it would be information!!
Nic: too late for what?
Nic: why?
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