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CabbitLeaf: goodnight
Nic: Goodnight Liif!
Nic: Time for me to sleep
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 01:41:29am (Central)
Nic: !time central
Nic: auuug
CabbitLeaf: more than me
CabbitLeaf: dang
Nic: wow, 18 videos on my YT channel???
Nic: wish it was
CabbitLeaf: i was half expecting it to turn out to be a bot
CabbitLeaf: truly a dedicated fan
CabbitLeaf: ohhh
Nic: know yes, but know know no
CabbitLeaf: i'm assuming it's someone you know
Nic: but I think I can guess who it is
Nic: it doesn't show because the subscriber set their thingy to private
Nic: time to google
Nic: frigg
CabbitLeaf: i think there's a way to do that but i only found it through tinkering for a while
CabbitLeaf: i'm not sure
Nic: how do I check who it is
CabbitLeaf: one dedicated fan
Nic: 1
Nic: let me check how many subscribers I have
CabbitLeaf: other nic sure is popular
Nic: my account uses more or less my real name
CabbitLeaf: wow
Nic: oh friGG he has 6 subscribers
CabbitLeaf: but it was an interesting coincidence
CabbitLeaf: well now i know
CabbitLeaf: aw dang
CabbitLeaf: heck no
Nic: I already know it wasn't me from the video
Nic: liif vlog now
CabbitLeaf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Fg9xtjFxk&list=PL179D9EEB47465C35&index=49
CabbitLeaf: ok well i dunno how to link specific comments but i can give you the video and it's not too far down
DrakeJericho6: liif vlog when
CabbitLeaf: uhhh hold on
CabbitLeaf: just wondering
Nic: I doubt it was me tho
CabbitLeaf: yeah i know
DrakeJericho6: idoit
Nic: link comment!!!
Nic: v
DrakeJericho6: there are multiple nics in the world
CabbitLeaf: i'm curious
CabbitLeaf: so
CabbitLeaf: i went to eterna forest and there's a comment from four years ago by someone named nic
Nic: YT account, yes
CabbitLeaf: also do you have a youtube account
CabbitLeaf: i'm a music person
Nic: how does it get stuck there in the first place???
CabbitLeaf: i dunno, it just does
Nic: how does listening to it get it out???
CabbitLeaf: that's what the music is for
Nic: get it out then lmao
CabbitLeaf: music yeah
Nic: things can get stuck in your head?
CabbitLeaf: i'm just going through whatever is stuck in my head
CabbitLeaf: yeah
Nic: I think that's what it's called, at least
Nic: why no eterna forest?
Nic: mmm
CabbitLeaf: music from snowpoint on pokemon diamond
Nic: snow music?
CabbitLeaf: snow music isn't loud music
CabbitLeaf: i dunno if i can listen to this music loud anyway
Nic: good!!!
CabbitLeaf: that's probably why my computer keeps setting the volume so low
CabbitLeaf: yes it is
Nic: it's bad to listen to super loud music in general, liif!!!!
CabbitLeaf: maybe listening to super loud music for long periods of time will keep me from going deaf from it
Nic: Some random spooks when talking, but me no like the frizzy zone, it too loud
Nic: Graphics as well as general atmosphere is p good from what I've played
CabbitLeaf: i'm sure it's probably good
CabbitLeaf: it looks good
Nic: or at least it was good when cooper played it
Nic: that's because it's a good game!
Nic: ayyy
CabbitLeaf: also the game is downloading faster than i thought
CabbitLeaf: that's a lotta words
Nic: yuh
CabbitLeaf: really
CabbitLeaf: damn
Nic: 600 words in one page
CabbitLeaf: what else fits
CabbitLeaf: ok nic
Nic: I don't know, maybe
CabbitLeaf: do i wanna know the answer to that question
Nic: you know what else fits
CabbitLeaf: that fits
CabbitLeaf: i mean
Nic: spooky, but happy?
CabbitLeaf: it's more likely than you think
Nic: leaf being concerned???
CabbitLeaf: i was concerned
CabbitLeaf: ok good
Nic: don't worry I rarely go outside for more than an hour
CabbitLeaf: no don't you'll become one too
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