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Tobi: catch you on the flip side marissa
Tobi: yeah same
Tobi: i really should too
Poe: it was fun talking with you
Poe: bruh ive stayed up too late so im gonna go to sleep
Tobi: thanks
Poe: I hope everything works out for you
Poe: Understandable
Tobi: oh thats nice
Tobi: i mean i didnt really want a job either
Poe: california just introduced the CalPromise??? after I graduated high school, and it offers the first year free for all new college students
Tobi: and i dont really have money saved up since i havent been working and my mom didnt want me working while in school
Poe: dang that sucks
Tobi: the financial aid i get really just pays for books
Poe: if you're medium income, you're screwed
Poe: not really unless you're super poor
Poe: And im fugging poor so the state/federal government pays for basically everything
Tobi: is financial aid good in ca
Poe: I'm also going to a community college, so the tuition is cheaper
Poe: Yes and no
Tobi: dont that cost quite a bit in california?
Poe: I'm here for a good time not a long time
Poe: yeah but honestly screw it
Tobi: isnt that quite a bit?
Poe: neet neet
Tobi: oh wow
Poe: I really like the general ed classes at my school, so I found out I'm gonna take 40?? units more than I need to take
Tobi: covid got me feeling like a NEET
Poe: ahhh ok good plan
Poe: I should probably see a counselor but covid
Tobi: thats my plan is just to do gen eds at community college then transfer to either ASU or BYU
Poe: I think your first year is kind of your time to explore your interests and knock out your general ed, but maybe it's just better to see a counselor
Poe: that's kind of the main problem i had with the first semester
Tobi: i didnt even think about that being a possibility
Poe: also sometimes the teachers will have a bio on the school website, so you can check that out too
Tobi: thats a good idea, thanks
Poe: if*
Poe: make sure to google their name and rate my professor of you have a choice between teachers
Poe: ah i see
Tobi: no i havent seen my teachers registration is still going on
Tobi: yeah
Poe: is it 101
Poe: did you check your teachers online
Tobi: the only class im worried about is english
Poe: if your classes are anything like mine, it's more work at a quicker pace but it feels like easier work
Poe: lol yeah
Tobi: i cant be doing what i did in high school
Tobi: the only thing im expecting is to try hard in my classes
Poe: and maybe it depends on the person bc i went in expecting college to be full of new friends and stuff
Poe: oh yeah idk maybe online will be better
Poe: i went in with high hopes and came out having dropped a couple classes and decided on a new major
Tobi: especially since they have to do everything online
Poe: idk my first semester was rough
Tobi: it cant be that bad right?
Poe: also congrats on graduating high school???
Poe: damb good luck
Tobi: yeah im starting this fall
Tobi: i genuinely dont know. if i do accounting then most likely
Poe: are you a freshman in college
Poe: i know nothing about accounting/finance so does that mean you'll be able to do taxes lmao
Tobi: hopefully go to byu after community college
Tobi: im just wanting to get a business degree in accounting or finance
Poe: oh and move out
Poe: i dont really care what i end up doing as long as it'll let me save up enough money to start my business idea
Poe: ah i see
Tobi: but i realized after taking autoshop in high school that i'd rather just have it as a hobby rather than as a career
Tobi: depending on what you want to work on or whatever
Tobi: its a school where the focus is automotive stuff
Poe: and what made you change your mind
Poe: what's a uti
Tobi: i wanted to go to UTI for automotive but i changed my mind
Tobi: that seems pretty interesting
Poe: probably to automotive technician
Poe: technically a chemistry major but I'm gonna change it
Poe: nah
Tobi: a business major?
Poe: and that's definitely my end goal
Poe: yeah kinda bc apparently this can be applied to any business
Tobi: oh thats awesome
Poe: Automotive Shop Management
Tobi: which class is it
Poe: nah I'm taking a summer class
Poe: sure i made it sound fancy but it was the same post everyone else had so why not choose me
Tobi: you already started the next year?
Poe: class assignment
Tobi: where did you put the discussion at
Poe: no one responded to my discussion post this is a scam
Poe: gn nerd
Poe: childhood memories of wanting to watch a movie on vcr but someone didnt rewind it after watching it so you watch the whole movie in rewind and no longer need to watch it
Nic: goodnight goobers
Nic: sleep time
Nic: no!
Poe: vcr rewind only
Nic: same
Poe: damb you even wanna experience it in rewind huh
Tobi: tee hee
Nic: Rewind Time
Poe: you cant pass on something that's already occurred
Nic: How is The
Poe: yes
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