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DrMintyFresh: someone needs to tell node
DrMintyFresh: oh shit
DrMintyFresh: that explains why there hasn't been any account requests
DrMintyFresh: wait the registration is broken?
ControllerFreak: well, bad thing about h4d is it's dead and nobody can register because register is broken
ControllerFreak: heh good thing i have a strong gmail password
ControllerFreak: now that i think about it... my pass is a huge security risk
tatiana57477: its sad this site is dead lol also samir remember when we used to date on here im cringing LMAO
227: -3-
ControllerFreak: My gf has a H4D account
ControllerFreak: hmm
GabeTheGuy: nobody will ever know that bagel time actually means destroying the chinese economy
Poe: bagel time
GabeTheGuy: Time to fake my death, destroy the chinese economy, and maybe, just maybe... eat a bagel
Nic: get nae-nae'd
Poe: muchacos
LinkMask: Im back muchacos
Nic: only because you're mean!!!
Poe: you're mean
Nic: yes u did dumby
Poe: I didn't do anything mean dumby
LinkMask: Who uses socialneko
Nic: they couldn't answer because you're too mean!!!
Poe: y'all couldn't even answer smH
GryffindorZara: i think i left a message on this site in fwbruary
LinkMask: Haven't been here in ages
LinkMask: Whos here
DrMintyFresh: zuri gay lol
Nic: who u
Blu3Toad64: Rip
Blu3Toad64: Lol you can’t this site has been dead since 2016
Blu3Toad64: Imagine this site still being active
Nic: ¿quieres?
Nic: hola
Nic: ooga
Alex202: Hi
DrakeJeribot: Today's date is: April-25-2020 (Saturday)
Poe: how's everyone doing !date
Nic: who's cman1001000
Nic: ey vro
cooperrw: change my username to cman1001000
pexo: it's been so long
samdodd006: Hi
SG99: Hello
nintendoDsi: http://www.minifigs.com
nintendoDsi: This marte
nintendoDsi: Your one, true, pungeon master of this site is Minifigs.
nintendoDsi: /pugeonmaster
nintendoDsi: Ok
samdodd006: Ima go, cya
nintendoDsi Faints
nintendoDsi: I have sent message on choro
samdodd006: :/
nintendoDsi: Ok!
nintendoDsi: Oh
nintendoDsi: And me 13
nintendoDsi: How old are you?
samdodd006: 15
nintendoDsi: How olr are you?
nintendoDsi: Ok
samdodd006: He ain't comin back
samdodd006: I've tryed multiple times only to fail
nintendoDsi: ?
samdodd006: It wont work
nintendoDsi: I will Recipe the message to Choro and you wait to choro Ok?
samdodd006: What is it?
nintendoDsi: I got idea
nintendoDsi: Yes
samdodd006: Yeah?
samdodd006: Oh your still here
nintendoDsi: Sam
samdodd006: k cya
samdodd006: Brb
nintendoDsi: Ya.,
samdodd006: This site is dead
nintendoDsi: Nothing
nintendoDsi: I watch my pm
samdodd006: I haven't seen choro in a loooooooong time
nintendoDsi: This day not recipe my PM'S
samdodd006: Everybody is talking about it even tho it doesn't matter
nintendoDsi: And choro?
nintendoDsi: Oh this mal...
samdodd006: Its annoying
nintendoDsi: I not got Covid-19
nintendoDsi: Wait WHAT?!!!
nintendoDsi: Oh this n..
nintendoDsi: Sam
samdodd006: Im getting sick of covid-19
nintendoDsi: And COVID-19
nintendoDsi: Yes
samdodd006: Do you know what maybe means?
nintendoDsi: Why?
samdodd006: Maybe
nintendoDsi: ???
nintendoDsi: Battle?
nintendoDsi: Oh ok
samdodd006: Nothing, its just silent
nintendoDsi: What
samdodd006: ....
samdodd006: ;-:
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