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bluebutterflies: Hello!
hayto: Hey Engineer Gaming
engineer gaming: I have came around to talk
ControllerFreak test
ControllerFreak test
ControllerFreak throws a pie in the face of test
hayto: Guys, does anyone here play lol??
hayto: Hi?
Devidan19: glad to know this page still active
Devidan19: Hello there
Poe: Hehehehe my finals are over
dtkm: hello
Seledity: misdew-ds.com
Gordo: this work
Gordo: hi
Gordo: hi
ZianoGG: :luigi:
Poe: ig it's AO3*
Poe: imagine using Ao3, not using the tag system, and then complaining about seeing content you don't like
Poe: unfortunate
Poe: I guess all I can do is let us drift apart
sgd45: hi
narjis321: I hope you feel better @Poe
narjis321: I'm so sorry to hear that. Don't try to get too upset about it.. There's better friends then that Guy/girl idk.
Poe: that's led to one of my closest friends to saying people like me should kill ourselves
Poe: a difference in views
Poe: Nothing directly between us
SomethingOG: The messiah of this site is DrakeJericho.
SomethingOG throws a pie in the face of SomethimgOG
narjis321: What happened between y'all?
narjis321: Oh no
Poe: I need to talk to them but I'm scared that if I do, that'll be it
Poe: anything*
Poe: My friends are just spreading stuff they don't know anythinng about
narjis321: Mmm yeah very hot
Pancakes: big chungus is hot
narjis321: Why did i say where lol?
narjis321: Wrong*
narjis321: Poe is there something where?
Poe: I can't stand this anymore
Poe: nah man i'm gonna dump them
Poe: here i was so scared my friends would dump me because of this absolute bs getting spread around
Poe: 'it makes ME uncomfy so it shouldn't exist at all'
JimDavid95: Hello I just signed up
nintendoDsi: hi
narjis321: Hru?
shrek124: : P
shrek124: :P
shrek124: Hi
narjis321: Oh heyyy
shrek124: hi
shrek124: hi
narjis321: Cool
sasaruko: I used to live for this chat
sasaruko: I have not been here in ages
Poe: amogus
narjis321: Listen to: Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo♪
Nic: https://heavenpierceher.bandcamp.com/track/order
Nic: best soundtrack of 2021
narjis321: Mmm
chases5541: hi
Pancakes: yoyoyo its finna fixed now i got a new acc
Kokobleat: Follow @kokobleat on tiktok
Kokobleat: I havent used this site in years
Kokobleat: Yo whos there
ControllerFreak: lol
Nic: ummmm... uhhhhhhh...
Nic: the uhh
Nic: speaking Real
Nic: v this
Charity: also lmao someone advertising misdew (cancer website)
Charity: penis?
Charity: holy crap
chases5541: hi
chases5541: hi
ControllerFreak: This site is dead as the cocks roll by!!!
narjis321: LOL
Nic: who were you before, Madvillain?
Madvillain: can’t believe back then you had to *apply* to have your account made. really stupid to gatekeep tbh
Madvillain: i havent used home4dsi in years. literally years.
Madvillain: this is absolutely nuts
narjis321: :C
Ljybdiamond: hi
Nic: in 2021
Nic: this will be h4d
Timo: how are u
Timo: lol
Timo: hi
narjis321: Omg Nic no
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