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ControllerFreak: hi dis place ded
Nic: epic gamer number
DrakeJeribot: The current time is: 04:20:02am (Pacific)
Nic: !time pacific
Poe: night!!
Nic: goodnight!!!
Nic: either way time for me to snooze so
Nic: unga me no remember well
Poe: well some lady killed them
Nic: don't think so
Poe: the girl. did she kill all those doods
Nic: whom
Poe: bruh did she kill those people
Poe: good idea
Nic: going to sleep after brushing up on some LISA lore
Nic: ogi!!!
Poe: gonna watch some more
Nic: smh
Poe: she gets grumpy without it
Nic: imagine giving your cats catnip
Poe: wow that's freaky
Poe: yeah
Nic: Henry Wyatt from LISA
Nic: y'all have cat nip?
Poe: uGh my cat just dumped bunch of cat nip on my bed
Poe: who
Nic: speaking of LISA, Henry Wyatt
Nic: ja, only worth if you're into dark and story
Poe: it looks ok but not enough to buy it
Nic: certified bruh moment
Poe: rip to friend
Nic: unga
Poe: before getting terry hintz
Nic: unga, me no remember dog
Poe: poor dog???
Poe: ah vjj he did
Poe: why doesnt he just disguise her
Nic: teehee
Poe: so far i like brad
Poe: poor babie
Poe: o
Nic: also non
Nic: ah yes, babi
Poe: are his nipples bleeding
Poe: brad just told them the baby is a girl
Nic: am telling truth!!!
Nic: yo what part u at in the video?
Poe: although im not sure i believe you
Poe: then good???
Poe: ew more males thirsting after a female
Nic: no it means yes
Poe: does that mean no
Nic: yes!!!
Nic: u-uhm
Poe: did you finish your homework in time
Nic: well it is spooky music
Poe: it's freaking out my cat
Nic: http://bit.ly/soft_skin
Nic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--D89gXxI-w
Nic: Soft Skin
Poe: well it's certainly sad
Nic: oh right let me look for the bad vibes soundtrack
Nic: ?
Poe: it has minecraft music
Nic: I guess a little bit doesn't do much harm
Nic: mmnnnn
Poe: k but i'm gonna watch a little bit
Nic: that ruins the experience!!!
Nic: no don't do that!!!
Poe: lisa
Nic: playthrough of what?
Nic: am trying to think of free gaems
Poe: gonna watch a playthrough
Poe: but i dont have money anyway
Poe: yeah unfortunately
Nic: but that also severely limits vidya gaem choices
Nic: hey hey that means no LISA for u
Nic: aughhh
Poe: pc is my desktop
Poe: chromebook doesn't support steam
Nic: you're too lazy to turn on PC even though you're already on it, or do you have another compooter?
Poe: im on my chromebook and yes
Nic: you play Roblox on chromebook??
Nic: what are you on right now then?
Poe: and i have a stinky chromebook
Poe: im too lazy to turn on my pc
Nic: well steam is where most of the good games are at
Nic: don't think she has played it yet to this day
Nic: so dark that even liif decided to play it later in order to mentally prepare herself for it!!!
Poe: is it only on steam
Nic: but this is actual dark
Nic: fallout 3 in steele
Poe: idk tho
Poe: i had to kill a baby
Poe: i mean i played bloodborne
Nic: can you handle darkness?
Poe: I gotta see what it's about
Nic: you're not supposed to do that!!!
Poe: brb checking it out
Nic: was going to recommend LISA but it might be 2 dark 4 u
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